Latest shack redesign..

To the far left out of the photo is a big floor standing amplifier, the Henry Radio 3k-A, in this photo, the left most computer is my logging and digital contacts.
I log with N4FJP or N1NM  and work digital mostly with MULTIPSK software on the Icom 756Pro III.
I have a Flex 5000 Software Defined Radio with the VU5K module ( VHF and UHF) as well as the second receiver and built in tuner,  I love the spectrum display and have it stretched across two big computer screens, I use a fantastic microphone with this radio it the HEIL PR781.  

I also have a the Also a Kenwood ts-2000x  with HF, VHF UHF and 1.2Ghz, with this radio I use the HEIL Gold Line mic, it has two elements, I can switch for FM or SSB..
An Icom 756pro III, Rigblaster Pro,  I use the 756 for mostly for digital.
Also the old Icom ic-781, its a classic and just fun to operate, next to it i have a look alike
Icom IC-R9000L receiver, it receives from below AM radio to above 2GHz with no gaps,  I generally run it with computer control and recording.
Also the Racal RA6790/GM military HF receiver, it is VERY precise, I enjoy listening to shortwave broadcasts on this receiver. ..  
And of course several Uniden police scanners that run 24 hours a day.


At home I have two towers and lots of antennas. the main HF beam is a T8 Log Periodic made by Tennadyne and then a TItan DX omni antenna made by GAP Antenna..  If you look close above the beam you can see a  Discone and several Dilbert loops.. 144, 440 and 220. THe other Tower has 2 meter, 440 and 1.2GHz antennas as well as a TV antenna.


At the office I have an ICOM 756PRO and an Icom 706 as well as an Icom ID-800H dual band

I am fairly active mobile

Icom IC-7000 VHF/UHF/HF
Icom IC-2820 VHF/UHF D-Star
Kenwood TM-D710 VHF/UHF  with AVMAP
Uniden Scanner BCD536HP

I enjoy APRS and HF most, but also use VHF and UHF


I was lucky to be exposed to radio and electronics practically since I was born. My grandfather told me stories about how he and his brother (W4OGW) used to take the coil off the tractor to send Morse code when they were kids.

I was born in 1957 and I have a picture from 1958 or 1959 of me with my trusty rocket radio (handheld crystal radio), in the picture I was still wearing my white baby shoes... I guess I got the ear for radio at an early age.

I have always been a listener, in the 60s I loved to listen to my grandfather's big Hammarlund receiver (which I now own), I would spin that dial for hours and hours and listen intently to every little sound (I still love doing that today on the HF bands).


In the 60s my dad helped me with my electronics hobbies and stereo I liked listening to far away AM radio stations! And in the 70s my dad helped me with my Shortwave, CB and police scanner hobbies as well as the stereo and electronics. As I got old enough to get a job I started installing stereos and CB radios during the CB craze of the '70s. That evolved into a long career in audio.

Although I have been a serious listener since I can remember I didn't get my ham license until 1989. I got my license on a bet with a radio buddy (now N5PTN), we bet a steak dinner on which one of us would be licensed first.. I won the bet, but not by much, and thankfully the bet pushed both of us to get our ham licenses. And that was a good steak dinner I will never forget! The steak dinner was at the Benihanas in Honolulu Hawaii. Memorable to say the least.

Nowdays I am still an avid listener, I listen almost 24 hours a day to local public service as well as shortwave utilities and the local amateur repeaters.

I enjoy HF ssb, psk31 and rtty, icom D-star, echolink, IRLP,  APRS, 2meter SSB and contesting. 10-10 number 73134.

Besides my main ham shack at home I have also have a well equipped shack at my office (Icom 756pro, Kenwood TS-2000x, Icom 706mkIIg, Icom id-800h, with a tri band yagi, and several verticals and wires) and everything I need in my vehicle as well (Icom 7000, Icom 2810 w dstar, Kenwood D-710 with the avmap and a wide band scanner), a radio is always nearby.

I even have radio equipment in my barn at home...

I always try to support local ham activity and I am a member of several Amateur radio clubs including the ARRL and the local Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club (BVARC). .

My wife Suzanne (KF5GWZ) (KF5 GEE WHIZ), son Eddie Jr (KB5OBB), and daughter Patricia (K5PLR) are also hams.

To me, radio has always been FUN!